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Testimonials from some of our clients:

  • "My name is Consuelo Perez-Cuncin in Tampa, FL.  I'm very satisfied with Medicare Options Services because they helped me find a better Medicare Advantage plan in my area that has no co-payments for Doctors, Hospitalization and Prescriptions.
  • "My name is Luis A. Solano in Tampa, FL. The services that I have received at Medicare Options have always been excellent.  I know if I have any problems with my prescriptions or the doctors I can contact their office and I know that they will take care of the situation."
  • "To whom it may concern, I have taken advantage of the services provided by Medicare Options, I'm very satisfied. My name is Olga Figueroa, and was looking for services like these ever since I moved to Tampa. I'm so pleased with Medicare Options because they are so professional and always have the correct answer for me. Thank you for helping me save money!"

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